Howling Riot is a self-publishing international manga and art studio. Despite our Dutch founders, we have members from different parts of the world.

The studio was founded in 2005 by Renincy Sommers, Nunke Zwier and Els Deckers. Howling Riot is well known for their high quality artwork and printing, as well as innovative merchandise.

Howling Riot members are artists, designers, writers and managers, working together on projects. We imagine, write, draw, print, publish and promote our own original works in our busy spare time, investing our own life savings and hard work. By each implementing their own talents, we achieve a higher quality product than each member could achieve individually.


We would love to thank everyon who made the last Abunai! convention even more awesome! It was hard to find a picture with more than one of us on it since we were all over the place running both the Howling Riot and the Dark Dragon Books stands. So we just had to cheat a little with this picture. Thanks dear friends and cool new people for making this event hard to forget!