Howling Riot is a self-publishing, international manga and art studio. We create kick-ass comics and graphic novels. Also, we make animal, nature, manga and anime drawings. Howling Riot is well known for their high quality artwork and printing, as well as fun merchandise.

The studio was founded in 2005. Our roots are Dutch, but we have members from different parts of the world.

How we work

Howling Riot members are artists, designers and writers. We work together on creative projects. Together we achieve a better result than each of us could on their own.

We attend comic conventions all through Europe. At some conventions we organize creative workshops, too. You can find us in artist alleys or dealer rooms, displaying our manga and anime drawings on prints and other (hand made) wares.

We imagine, write, draw, print, publish and promote our own original works in our busy spare time. It means investing our own life savings and hard work, but it’s a passion to do what we love most.

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